Summer Discipleship Program | Reference Form

As part of the Summer Discipleship Program application process, each applicant is required to have a recommendation from a leader with a standing relationship with the applicant.

The Summer Discipleship Program is a special program that requires a significant commitment. It is designed to grow, train, and challenge each participant as emerging leaders, and is not intended to be a counseling or rehabilitation program. Your reference is critical in helping us evaluate the applicant. As you fill out this reference form, please include as much information as necessary to most accurately describe the applicant.

We would greatly appreciate if you could please submit this form as soon as possible, as the applicant cannot be officially considered for the program until his/her reference(s) are received.

On behalf of the SDP leadership team, thank you for your time and help in making this year’s program excellent! Please contact Pastor Jonathan Kimball or Casey Clemente with any questions or concerns.

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Applicant's Name
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Applicant Characteristics
Applicant Characteristics
Please answer as objectively as possible. If you have not observed a particular characteristic, you may skip it.
The applicant demonstrates personal discipline.
The applicant demonstrates responsibility.
The applicant demonstrates adaptability.
The applicant demonstrates faithfulness with tasks.
The applicant demonstrates leadership ability.
The applicant demonstrates cooperation and teamwork.
The applicant is teachable and humble.
The applicant is spiritually mature.
The applicant demonstrates sensitivity.
The applicant is emotionally stable.
The applicant has a healthy self-image.
The applicant has healthy relationships with the opposite sex.
The applicant has a healthy relationship with his/her roommate(s).
The applicant is morally pure.
The applicant has a personal ministry.
The applicant demonstrates strong communication skills.
The applicant demonstrates cross-cultural sensitivity.
Applicant Struggles
Applicant Struggles
Please answer as objectively as possible. If you have not observed a particular struggle, you may skip it.
The applicant struggles with having a critical attitude.
The applicant struggles with rebelliousness.
The applicant struggles with a lack of respect for authority.
The applicant struggles with anger.
The applicant struggles with anxiety or worry.
The applicant struggles with depression.
Other Questions
Please answer the following questions clearly and thoroughly. If we have questions, we may phone you to discuss your answers further.
4. Which of the following would you say best describes the applicant's level of spiritual maturity?
If yes, please explain
If yes, please explain
If yes, please explain
8. What is your overall recommendation for this applicant's involvement in SDP? *
By signing, you acknowledge that you have objectively described the applicant to the best of your ability.
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