Below are the meal plan options through Ridgecrest Conference Center. Please note that the meal plan is optional, and that most attenders with Awaken do not get the meal plan.


If you do not participate in a meal plan, you are not allowed to eat in the cafeteria and Ridgecrest does not allow outside food to be brought in the cafeteria. These prices do not include the cost of registration or housing. If you have not yet registered for the conference or paid for housing, go back and complete Steps 1 and 2.

Please choose one of the payment options below. If you are a couple or family paying for multiple meal plans, please make sure to separately "Add to Cart" as many meal plans as you need, including any free plans for children 0-5 (to help Ridgecrest accurately plan for enough food).

Meal Plans
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If you have any questions about meal plans, please contact Casey Clemente at (614) 595-6628 or